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Nose boop into our lives...

About Us

The team behind TDEC - Emily, George, Tiko & Kujo! Tiko & Kujo have changed our lives for the better and we are delighted that Tiko was the catalyst in creating this business! Find out a little bit more about TDEC below...


Why we're here...

Since we got our first German Shepherd pup, we have been on the constant search for treats and chews that are long-lasting, affordable and stress-relieving after those frustrating adolescent dog walks!

We wanted to start TDEC as a hub for all things enrichment, from puzzle toys, to training aids to natural chews and training treats. 




Our Director of Treats...

Our products are carefully selected and reviewed by our Director of Treats so we know they're super tasty! Browse through our products and experience shopping with The Dog Enrichment Company for yourself.

Want to know what Tiko would choose? Head over to Tiko's Picks of the Week to see a new range of discounted products every Monday!


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions on our page. And don't forget to tag us on instagram @thedogenrichmentcompany to show us your pup-tastic purchases!

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