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Indulge your pet with JR Pate, made only with the finest cuts of premium meat. Free from offal, fillers, additives, and preservatives, our pate offers a firm, meaty texture loved by top trainers and behaviorists across the UK. Suitable for pets from 4 weeks old, it can serve as a complete food or as a versatile treat. 


Slice it - Dice it - Cube it - Cut it - Stuff it - Mash it - Grate it - Blend it - Freeze it —explore endless possibilities with JR Pate.


JR Pate

£4.00 Regular Price
£3.20Sale Price
    • Grain and Gluten free
    • Single Source Protein
    • Responsibly sourced
    • Suitable for puppies 4 weeks and over
    • Great Reward or Enrichment Treat
    • Complete Food
    • Easily Digestible 
    • Healthy and Nutritious
    • No Additives or Preservatives
    • No fillers, bulking agents, offal or herbs
    • Suitable for all breeds, sizes and ages




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