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Embark on a whimsical journey down the rabbit hole with NORM's Alice in Wonderland-themed freakshake. Crafted from freeze-dried goat pluck, turkey tail mushrooms, blue spirulina, and coconut milk powder, this powdered milkshake mix is a nutritious and fun delight for your furry friend.


🐐 Goat pluck, comprising the liver, lungs, heart, and trachea, offers a novel protein source rich in essential nutrients.
🍄 Turkey Tail mushrooms boast immune system support and anti-cancer properties, enriching your pet's health.
🦕 Blue spirulina, a concentrated source of antioxidants, adds vibrant color and nutritional benefits.
🥥 Dairy-free coconut milk powder provides healthy fats and is gentle on sensitive stomachs.


Raw, human-grade Australian goat pluck ensures quality and freshness. Simply add water to create a delightful treat or meal topper, perfect for the Mad Hatter's tea party or a playful snack.


This 110g pack yields approximately 40 small dog or cat servings or 20 servings for larger dogs. Start with small amounts to gauge your pet's tolerance to new treats.


Freeze-dried goat liver, lung, heart, and trachea, coconut milk powder, turkey tail mushrooms, blue spirulina (derived from green spirulina).

NORM - Alice in Wonderland Freakshake

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